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    We truly wish we could have met you under better circumstances. Right now, you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a progressive disease, is expecting or has had a baby born still, or has a loved one in palliative care. No matter the circumstances – we understand that having photographs of you and your loved ones will provide solace and cherished memories for a lifetime.

    At Love Never Ends, we’ve been there. We’ve lost those closest to us and we want to honour you and your loved ones. We understand the sensitivity and importance of these images and will document you and your loved one wherever and whenever they’re most comfortable – hospital, home or sentimental spot to capture the memories and love for generations to come.

    Sending you love,
    Cynthia & Heather

    (photo to the left: Three year old Iris's last visit with her beautiful gramma Brenda MacEachern, who passed away after a short year long battle with ALS)

Emma’s Story


Emma is our third daughter and we are a family from Windsor, Ontario. Emma was diagnosed at the age of 6 months with a highly aggressive brain tumor. (AT/RT)   Despite heroic efforts, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and several stem cell transplants, Emma’s treatment was unsuccessful. Our Family chose to return to London Children’s Hospital from Toronto’s Sick Kids to continue on this terrible journey as a family.  A wonderful family friend recommended Heather to come and photograph our family as we knew that Emma’s time with us was very limited and we never had the opportunity to have family photos taken.  I knew that these photographs would be so important to our family and especially Emma’s sisters.  We have several of Heather’s photographs around our house and are forever grateful for the compassion and professionalism that Heather showed to our family. Thank you for these forever memories.
Tony, Jen, Gabby, Daniella & Emma Pizzuti.

Lori’s Story


We met up with Lori and her family at the start of her battle against cancer. It was especially important for her to capture this picture of the three generations of ladies in her family. Lori continues to fight!

Ethan’s Story

ethanEthan is a premature infant born at 27 weeks 3 days. We didn’t know he was going to be early but he’s here! We have spent the last 14 months in the hospital. Ethan has several health issues, which include; a tracheostomy, shunt, g-tube and has went through several surgeries so far. He required the trachestomy due to paralyzed vocal chords. We have only ever had Ethan home for 11 days and not all at once. Our last admission has been a very bumpy roller coaster ride. Ethan also has BPD ( Bronchopulmonary dysplasia) which is narrowing in his air way and his lungs don’t have the reserve that most of ours do. During this admission we almost lost him. We have had some pretty serious meetings with the doctors which has made us decide to move to London to be closer to the hospital to hopefully get Ethan home easier and with less stress on everyone. Since Ethan has been in the hospital all but 11 days we had never had the opportunity to have real Family Photos taken. If it weren’t for Cynthia we may still not have any.

Love Never Ends are wonderful to work with were very accommodating. They brought a back drop to us so we could keep Ethan on his machine’s he requires and were very patient with anything we needed to do during the photo shoot! We could not have asked for a better photographer!!

– Denise Payne (Ethan’s Mom)