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    We truly wish we could have met you under better circumstances. Right now, you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a progressive disease, is expecting or has had a baby born still, or has a loved one in palliative care. No matter the circumstances – we understand that having photographs of you and your loved ones will provide solace and cherished memories for a lifetime.

    At Love Never Ends, we’ve been there. We’ve lost those closest to us and we want to honour you and your loved ones. We understand the sensitivity and importance of these images and will document you and your loved one wherever and whenever they’re most comfortable – hospital, home or sentimental spot to capture the memories and love for generations to come.

    Sending you love,
    Cynthia & Heather

    (photo to the left: Three year old Iris's last visit with her beautiful gramma Brenda MacEachern, who passed away after a short year long battle with ALS)

Ken’s Story

018_FleetFamily_HRMKen was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2010. We met Ken and his wife, their three children and four grandchildren at their long time family home, shortly after it was put up for sale due to Ken’s disease progression. Being able to document a family at a sentimental location is always an exceptional honor for us.

Two summers ago a very special gift was given to me. I was preparing to move from my home of 17 years because my husband had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I knew we could no longer look after our home. Heather knew how important it was to have photographs taken of the family at the home before the move occurred. Many photographs that Heather took are displayed in my new home and bring me joy every day. My husband has since gone into Long Term Care, my grandchildren are older but these photographs remind me daily of the happy and healthy times we had there. This is a gift that brings conversation and reflection every day. Thank you Heather. – Janet (Ken’s Wife)

Braydon’s Story

12571173_10154473139213032_408168242_n(1)Braydon was a very special little boy who was affected by Infantile Tay Sachs disease. Tay Sachs is a neurodegenerative disease which turns back the clock for these babies before they get to experience life. Braydon never walked or talked, he was fed by a surgically placed g-tube, and suffered from excess secretions and chronic seizures. Through it all Braydon was always strong and calm, never seeming to be bothered. He taught his family unconditional love and untouchable strength. Heather photographed Braydon and his parents just before his 2nd birthday. He lost his battle to Tay Sachs 5 days after his 3rd birthday. He is forever missed and loved.

Mike’s story

mikefamilyA little over three years ago our Dad/Husband was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 Colon Cancer. Originally he was only given a little over a year, but he responded well to the chemo, and had the strength and determination to power through. We had three amazing years with him.

About seven months after he was diagnosed we were given the best gift from Cynthia, a family portrait session with our Dad/Husband. At this point you wouldn’t even be able to tell that he had already been battling cancer for a few months. We had so much fun, being able to laugh, joke, and create some special memories that we get to look at forever.

Currently, as my Dad spends the end of this journey in hospice he is surrounded by pictures from our family session. These photos are something we will cherish forever, and we are so lucky to have them.
– Lindsay